Kindle Ritual Review

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September 19, 2012 by wowmopadmin

Kindle Ritual Review

Many people have found success in creating and promoting Amazon Kindle Books. Needless to say, many more have failed. When creating an ebook there are many ways that you can ‘mess up’ and have to modify different portions of your ebook. One book that I created I ended up having to reformat from a .txt file and if you know anything about text files this was no walk in the park. Depending on the software that you use and how you set it up you can end up having to scrap all of the formatting you thought would make your Kindle book awesome.

Enter “Kindle Ritual” by Brian G. Johnson.Kindle Ritual Review - Kindle

Kindle Ritual includes:

  1. Software: Streamlines publishing and promotion of Amazon Kindle Books
  2. Tutorial Videos: Showing how to use the software step by step
  3. PDFs: Step by step guides on setting up your Kindle Book and using Kindle Ritual
  4. Live Training Webinars: Nothing beats coaching from the actual software developer!
  5. Ebook cover creator
  6. Website Creators for your eBook
  7. Other useful addons

In this review of Kindle Ritual I will try to cover all of the basics about the product and give an straightforward review that will help you decide whether Kindle Ritual is for you.

Why use a guide or software to help you profit from an ebook?

In my experience with online ebook generators such as BookTango or Lulu I’ve had many issues with making my ebook look the way I felt the reader would best enjoy it. Additionally, though these services somewhat walk you through the process in highly technical terms there is also a MAJOR need for promotion. My first ebook that I wrote sat dormant without even being viewed by anyone for MONTHS. You see it is quite easy to write an ebook in word or any other word processing software but an equally important task is promoting your ebook. If no one ever sees your ebook how with they purchase it from you?

If you build it they won’t come

I know the age old mantra that says if you build it they will come is quite a common phrase but in reality they won’t. Most people often times need to be nudged in the right direction and others need to be shoved. Kindle Rituals seems to be designed to do just that. It is setup to practically push people to your Kindle book and have them ready to make an immediate purchase.

Is Kindle Ritual a scam?

One thing that you don’t have to worry about is Kindle Ritual being a scam. Brian G. Johnson is not some fly by night developer that created some faulty product that will freeze your computer and swipe you CC info. Sounds scary! LOL. In all seriousness Brian is a legitimate business owner that has a reputation to uphold to any thoughts of this product being a “Get Rich Quick” scam shouldn’t even pass your mind.

Common Sense Methodology of Kindle Ritual

Backend: Kindle Ritual is said to have been tested and retested over and over again to provide an optimal user experience. With any software it is vastly important to test and retest and the fact that Kindle Ritual was tested and retested multiple times tells me that the developers probably have streamlined the technical functions of the software. User affability must have been a high priority for the development team and high performance is always a key goal. This aspect of any software will have to be reviewed by the masses because everyone will not catch each and every nuance in any product.

Next let’s look and the core methods of this product. Kindle Ritual focuses on two key aspects of profiting from Amazon Kindle Books:

  • High Quality Finished Book
  • Driving Traffic to Your Book

Creating High Quality Kindle Books

Not only should your ebook have engaging content but it also definitely needs to be high quality formatted and optimized for viewing on devices with varying screen resolutions. Kindle Ritual easily addresses this issue.

Driving Traffic to Your Kindle Book – How to Promote My Kindle Book

One of the most important things that I have found when developing ebooks is the need to drive traffic to your newly created book. Unless you are a celebrity or already established as a well-known writer and people are waiting for your next release, you will most certainly need some type of push to get your book in front of people. As always you can let it set or you can take the proactive approach and let the world know about your book. Kindle Ritual is designed to do just that.

In all honesty the techniques utilized by Kindle Ritual can be learned and implemented by anyone with enough time and resources to put behind it. The question is do you want to have these things laid out for you or do you want to put the time and effort behind figuring all of that stuff out on your own?  Personally, I have tried it the hard way and I will be the first to tell you that if I could do it again I would pay for the information that I learned instead of spending so much time sifting through the BS.

Kindle Ritual is a low cost product for what it actually does. Personally I know that you could easily spend $500 bucks just to get your product to a point where it looks professional and can compete with other similar products.


Too simple

One thing that I will note on Kindle Ritual is the fact that this seems to be a turn key type of solutions (once you have your book written of course). So that means that many other people, potentially your competitor’s, may be able to get their hands on this as well. So the folks who hop on this first will be able take advantage of seemingly unfair odds in their favor. Then of course once it catches on everyone will be back to square one with high quality formatted ebooks, great covers and massive promotions.


The other weakness I see with Kindle Ritual is the price but not in the traditional sense. I think that this is actually underpriced because you will have newbies with a few bucks in their pocket and crappy guides getting a hold of this and crowding the market.


I think that this is a good solid product for serious writers who want to take their ebooks to a higher level. I wouldn’t recommend this product after about 6 months though because once everyone finds out about it, you will have a whole bunch of people using the same tactics. Well I would say that I wouldn’t recommend it in crowded markets but if you have a niche that you are targeting in your ebook then this would be a good way to dominate it.

To get Kindle Ritual, head over to Brian’s site because he has an introductory video detailing what’s included.


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